Bookkeeping Membership

$88.00 / month

The bookkeeping membership is billed monthly and includes GST.

The membership will renew until it is cancelled.

Get ready to Make Money Beautiful!


Monthly subscription to Small Change, Big Impact – The Bookkeeping & Manifesting Membership.

To help you:

  1. Stay on top of your bookkeeping
  2. Make the process of bookkeeping efficient
  3. Lean how to use your numbers to make decisions
  4. Get support from an expert at a fraction of the cost
  5. Create an abundant mindset that will guide you to make the money you deserve & believe you deserve the best!

Monthly inclusions:

  1. Money session
  2. Bookkeeping doing session
  3. Reviewing session

All sessions are guided by Stephanie so you always know you’ll get the support you need.



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