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Stress-Free And doing the work you love

A course exclusively for women and those who identify as women, intuitively designed by a woman, with the sole intent to mindfully help you create a highly successful business integrated with a beautiful life. Empowering you to make money beautiful!

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Beginning 23 SEPTEMBER 2022

do you want to stop worrying about money?

Ask yourself this…

You started your business so you could:

  • Be financially free
  • Do the work you love all the time
  • Feel good about investing your time in the things you love

Is your business allowing you to do these things?

Did you know that over 85% of businesses fail due to a lack of financial knowledge? Your business finances are supposed to support a life you love and guarantee the longevity of your business.

Instead, are your finances resembling a black hole? Do they feel like the unknown and a fearsome land that speaks another language?

Is it a headache to even ponder these questions? 

Can you imagine a world where your finances and the word money had a shine that brought joy and inspiration?

When you change your relationship with money, what you attract starts to look and feel completely different…

Imagine this:

Feeling as if you are the luckiest woman in the world.

Not feeling stressed about paying for a new car deposit.

Getting excited about getting your daughter started with Piano lessons.

Happy about starting your workday with bookkeeping.

Knowing your clients are going to pay and loving seeing their payments increasing your bank balance.

Knowing how much money you have to spend and how you could increase that if you want or need to.

Knowing what every number in your business means and where to find it.

Being financially free.

Not worrying about money.

Not worrying about tax.

Feeling supported by your business.

Cashed Up can help you become this person!

Working with Stephanie was the best thing I’ve ever done for my business.

Danielle Hall

cashed up will leave you with:

How it works

6 modules, 6 weeks, live classes

Over the 6 weeks, we will work through 6 modules that will cover both abundance training and creating a financial strategy. 

Each week we will meet on zoom for a two-hour call to go through the week’s work, your questions and tips on how to complete the work. 

I love to teach and my main priority is to make sure you get as much out of this as possible. I have live classes to ensure you are motivated to get through the work and have the changes become a part of your business and life. 

Change and results are what I want to see you achieve and I know that the activities, templates and theories work, provided they are implemented as prescribed. I will be cheering, coaching and holding your hand every step of the way. 

Learn today - profit tomorrow

A bit about me

I am passionate about educating women in business. The world of business has been dominated by masculine energy for many years.

My purpose is to create a balance and I am here to help women gain the financial knowledge they need to run the business of their dreams.

I started my business because I saw a worrying trend. Talented, inspired women growing their creative and innovative businesses to a point where they were drowning in their financial worries. I saw women losing their passion because of the stress of keeping on top of their financial obligations. I enable women to get back to the work they love through automated and understandable financial strategy, so they can Make Money Beautiful.

I am a cash flow specialist and I have helped many businesses realise their financial goals and free themselves of financial stress.

I do this by analysing business performance and implementing improvements that make immediate impacts.

The key areas I advise on include:

  • Cash management
  • Forecasting and planning
  • Business strategy
  • Money mindset coaching

What's unique about cashed up?

accounting meets manifesting

I have spent many years working with clients to get their books in order and guide them to utilise accounting principles to get the financial results they desire. What I began to notice in my journey was that it wasn’t until all the stakeholders truly believed they could turn things around that they did.

As I started working with women solopreneurs I saw more and more that the key thing holding them back was a lack of confidence in themselves, managing money and being a ‘real’ business woman. I knew immediately that I needed to add more than accounting to my teachings and quickly I added in the manifestation teachings I have been following for years. I saw results intensify and amplify for each woman I worked with, including myself!

I talk about creating a highly successful business integrated with a beautiful life often and this principle drives every piece of work I do. It is the principle that reminds me that no matter how much time you dedicate to creating a forecast and keeping your books up to date, you need to feel good about your business to create a life you love. 



Thank you SO very much. I am not very good at putting into words how much you have given me, knowing I have someone on my side in business and someone to guide and monitor my habits to meet my goals is honestly priceless. Keep doing what you are doing as you are changing lives.

Jade Rennie

The sooner we leap, the sooner we can fly.

This course is all about teaching and guiding you to create a business you love to run, that supports you financially.

By investing in this course the universe hears your commitment and rewards that commitment.

It is about changing how you feel when doing business.

Cashed Up is about long term change. Providing you with practical and emotional techniques so you spend more time loving money and less time stressed.

This course is about providing you with a financial education so that you can avoid the number one mistake businesses make, that is; ineffective cash management.

It’s never too late to start learning and it is never too early.
Equip yourself for success.

Cashed Up - A place to learn Financial Strategy that leaves you feeling free and abundant.

6 weeks with a chartered accountant

Beginning 23 SEPTEMBER 2022

live zoom classes 10am FRIDAYS



It is a big investment. When I have any big investments I always like to start with three questions:

This is something for you to brainstorm for yourself also. Think about what it can mean to you and your customers if you have a financially healthy business.

How long will you be able to operate? How much stress can you avoid by knowing what to spend and when? How many people will you be able to help? What other personal goals will you achieve if your business is a success? Will you be able to help your children buy their first home? Perhaps you want to help your Mum to retire or take that trip she has always dreamed of? Do you want to travel or give up your corporate job? Perhaps you just love what you do and your goal is to be able to live off your business so you can be happy every day doing the things you love?

I always think about opportunity cost, yes a big accounting term that simply means what won’t I get if I say no. The answers to the questions below are subjective but are designed to help you think through what is right for you.

What will it mean to you if you are unable to manage your cash flow? Do you have the ability to inject more funds? What will happen if your funds dry up?

How will you gain this knowledge instead of doing the course? Is it a larger investment? Will you get the same outcomes as this course? Will you be taught by a credible teacher with loads of experience in the real world of accounting?

And the most confronting question. What if your business does fail because of a lack of cash or financial knowledge, is it worth the risk?

As an accountant, I am always thinking about how I make my money back on my investments. Some are a long term investment and I won’t see the return for years to come, while others are quick. There are three things I believe every business should invest in, which are, in no particular order:

  • Education and Professional Development
  • Technology
  • People

If you have well-trained people and are using technology to keep your business efficient it is almost a guaranteed success model. Throw in sound financial knowledge and you have everything you need to ensure success!

All of my students to date have made or saved at a minimum the fees they have paid me. If you are worried about wasting money or this course not being right for you, don’t forget we have the happy money guarantee which you can read about below.

Happy money guarantee.

I know my methods work and they work for all types of businesses. How do I know? Well, I have been testing them on businesses great and small for years.

I still want to make sure you are confident in knowing this by giving you a money-back guarantee. It’s 100% of funds returned if you don’t see the results in your business.
All you need to do is to show me the course work you have completed, ensure you attended class and if you aren’t happy with the results in your business, I will refund 100% of the money you invested.

Simple as that. My methods work – I’d love to show you how.

guaranteed to be happy when it comes to money

I want every woman to understand money and business.
I created Cashed Up so women can learn how to create profitable long term businesses.


I invite you to join me for cashed up - financial strategy for creative minds

Stephanie is really good at teaching. She taught me how to use a computer!

Kathleen - Mum

If you can teach Mum how to use a computer, you can teach anyone anything!

Jessica - sister

space is limited

I limit my courses to 10 students per class. This ensures you will get intimate support throughout and the results in your business that you want and need.

Get in quick to ensure a seat has your name on it.

Registrations are only open for a limited time, enrolments close 5pm AEST September 7th 2022.

invest in your business potential TODAY!

Upfront Payment

$ 1,499 once off
  • Moving up the Financial Scale
  • Forecasting & Financial Strategy
  • Money Mindset Training
  • Your Wage and preparing for Tax

Payment Plan

12 weeks
$ 129 per week
  • Moving up the Financial Scale
  • Forecasting & Financial Strategy
  • Money Mindset Training
  • Your Wage and preparing for Tax

Confidential information

Your business numbers are all 100% confidential.
During this training, you will not be expected or asked to share any confidential information.
You do not have to say how much revenue you have earned, how much you pay in expenses, nor how much of a profit you are making.
As your teacher and your guide, it will be beneficial for you to show me your numbers but I will keep this information private.
In our classes, we will discuss how to complete tasks and at times you may want to share your numbers. This is completely up to you and how you feel about it.
We are in this together. We are not in this to embarrass anyone. This environment is judgement-free and all about honouring where you are at.

isn't it time you invested in your financial future?

got questions?

If you don’t make room, you will never have room. I understand running a business requires so many different hats. I am the same – some days I feel pulled in a million directions whilst others I feel like I have total control.

What I do when I am feeling like that, is to review and prioritise. What is the most important outcome I am looking for right now? If your answer to this is more abundance and less financial stress, then it is time to make room in your life to learn about your business finances and get them on track to achieve your goals.

This course requires you to do the work if you want to succeed in changing how you feel about your finances and the results of your efforts in business. I implore you to take the time to invest in making your life better. I want to see you grow, see you feeling good and see you doing the work you love.

I understand that this may feel like a good solution at times- but sadly they won’t sort themselves out. The good news is that you can complete the course from under your bed or any other place that is a safe place for you.

Be gentle with yourself and take one step at a time.
If you are brave and confront the finances of your business by doing the work in my course, that feeling that you want to hide will go away.

It might pop up here and thereafter the course, but you will have a toolbox of aids that will get you back on track quickly and effortlessly.

All the number crunching is done by your computer, sprinkled with my money magic. All you need to succeed is an open mind and commitment to doing the exercises provided. Do them and quite simply you will change your financial destiny.

This course was created for people without a positive affiliation with money and finances. I have spent years and years teaching people about accounting and money management. My method for teaching is one of guiding and holding your hand. I will be there every step of the way, standing beside you, helping you up if you stumble.

It is taught in bite size pieces so that you can learn one concept at a time, building upon each one until you arrive at the end; confident and in charge of your money matters.

Each week we will have a 2-hour class. In that class, we will go through your course work, questions and examples so you can easily apply them to your business.

Outside of class, you will need to dedicate about 4 hours a week to get it all done.

After the 6 weeks are up, I recommend scheduling about 2 hours per month to review your progress.

The class will be held via Zoom and is scheduled for 10 am Fridays.

You will be able to find all the links for our calls via your program login.

All classes will be recorded so you will be able to learn almost as well.

I want you in as many live classes as possible so that you can get the most out of our time together.

You started your business for flexibility and financial freedom didn’t you? Change it up so that you can attend. You are your own boss and it is your time to shine. Do what you need to do so that you can attend.

As a backup all the classes will be recorded so you will be able to watch anything you do have to miss. Have no fear that whatever your constraints you will be able to learn all that is being taught in this course.

The problem with this is that when you are growing, you need to take leaps and risks, and be comfortable in your discomfort if you want to truly change.

All of the big-ticket items I have invested in have paid off. Why? Because you have invested more than you can lose and so you have to make sure you invest everything into learning what you came to learn. Make your bet large enough to ensure you are not willing to lose.

The thing about money and accounting is that it works on a set of rules that are different to most. You need to understand how to use the rules to your benefit if you want to see positive financial results.

Ever wondered how big businesses are running at a loss (spending more than they earn) and yet they are still around AND have people investing in them? 

You need to understand how your numbers work in order to maximise the benefits to you and your bottom line. If you don’t understand the relationships , and the problems, there is no way you will find the best solution to implement to increase the profits or the cash in your bank.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to gain financial freedom and control of your business… enrol now! 

Upfront Payment

$ 1,499 once off
  • Moving up the Financial Scale
  • Forecasting & Financial Strategy
  • Money Mindset Training
  • Your Wage and preparing for Tax

Payment Plan

12 weeks
$ 129 per week
  • Moving up the Financial Scale
  • Forecasting & Financial Strategy
  • Money Mindset Training
  • Your Wage and preparing for Tax

Small Change, Big Impact

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