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Be Guided From Financial Lack to An Aligned and Abundant Business

Small Change, Big Impact

12 Month Subscription
$968 annually - $1,540+ in value

  • Free 1:1 session with Stephanie
  • Yearly goal setting session
  • Monthly live classes
  • 5 hour investment to better financial outcomes
  • Get an abundant mindset

Monthly Subscription
$88 monthly - $990+ in value

  • Get supportive financial advice every month
  • Monthly cost is less than an hour of bookkeeping being done for you
  • Cancel at any time
  • Get financial confidence

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What the members say
What a month looks like in the membership

Money Mindset

1 hour zoom session with Stephanie which includes;

  • Money practices that will allow you to energetically attract abundance
  • Space to delve into the energetic forces that are blocking you 
  • Support to keep going when things get tough
  • A toolbox you can turn to any time, any where, that will help you shift your energy and turn anxiety into empowered action


2 hour zoom session with Stephanie which includes;

  • Bookkeeping process framework 
  • Plenty of question time
  • Automation hacks to keep the boring tasks to a minimum
  • Accountability so you know that every month you are on top of your business finances
  • Guidance, you will be supported every step of the way


1.5 hour zoom session with Stephanie which includes;

  • Reviewing the work you have done in the bookkeeping session to confirm your numbers are correct
  • Understand how well your business is performing
  • How to use your numbers to make great business decisions
  • Advice from Stephanie to support you in the evolution of your business success

Want a little more…?

There is also:
  • Access to a closed Telegram group filled with likeminded-incredible women who want to see you succeed
  • Access to Stephanie to ask all your little questions
  • Discounts on other products offered by Stephanie Menere Consulting
  • Guidance from a Chartered Accountant
  • Someone to keep you accountable!
  • A penny community which will lend support, guidance, mindset improvements and as many laughs as possible.
  • Access to recorded sessions

What does

that equate to?

That is over $990 in value, every single month! 

The monthly value of the membership is only 1 hour of outsourced bookkeeping (if you are lucky). So you could spend hundreds on outsourcing and not actually know the work is correct. Alternatively you can invest 5 hours of time into your relationship with money, know your numbers, attract more abundance and feel a whole lot of financial confidence!

It is a no-brainer beautiful. You can sign up via the button below x

Click the button below to join the membership!

$88 billed monthly

$968 billed annually

Do you?
  • Have a pile of receipts they have been meaning to summarise in preparation for tax, for the last financial year?
  • Hate checking your bank balance because you are scared about what you will find?
  • Put off doing your bookkeeping and find that the work is piling up?
  • Feel sick of not finding consistency in your income?
  • Feel lack when it comes to money?
  • Know that there is something holding you back from your financial dreams but don’t know what to do about it?
  • Want to feel like a queen of money?
Confused woman staring at her computer screen
IN the membership

You will:

    • Find alignment in your relationship with money, increasing abundance and your ability to receive
    • Learn, execute and review your own bookkeeping work under professional guidance
    • Understand where your business sits financially and how to make better decisions
    • Get motivation, accountability and access to a professional to get your finances done
    • Receive monthly advice from Stephanie on ways to improve your business performance
    • Do and create money practices that will improve your money mindset and allow you to attract the abundance you deserve


    • 3 monthly zoom group sessions with Stephanie
    • Create a spiritual toolbox to attract money and flow in your business
    • Access to templates, guides and resources to support you
    • Ability to ask any question big or small 
    • Be part of a like-minded community who can support you

Do you want to take a peek inside? Via the button below you can download the affirmation practice I created for our first Money Mindset Session.

This practice will leave you feeling empowered, open you up to more abundance and create a focused energy. 

I recommend using this practice everyday for 21 days to see an incredible transformation you didn’t realise you were capable of. 

Take an effortless step forward by downloading today x



I’m passionate about guiding you in your business journey. To become your most abundance and aligned self. The world of business has been dominated by masculine energy for many years and we are here to change that, together. 

I hold your hand as we walk towards balance. I’m here to help you gain the financial knowledge you need to run the business of your dreams. Here to guide you to a more spiritual way of business. Less pushing, more receiving. 

I am a chartered accountant and I have over 10 years of experience in the accounting industry which will aid you in the practical accounting matters you need support in.

I have been on a spiritual journey for the last 8 years and through this journey I have transformed my life. I have been listening to the whispers of The Divine. What an incredible change this brought on. 

When you are in the community we will be tapping into the energy of the community and together we will create more abundance by connecting more deeply to our true selves. This connection creates more flow, effortless growth and a beautifully aligned business.

Together we Make Money Beautiful x

Click the button below to join the membership!

$88 billed monthly

$968 billed annually

What is it all about?

This membership is all about getting the work done with the supporting guidance of a Chartered Accountant. Aka someone who really really knows bookkeeping and how to do it effortlessly and easily.

It is creating space that guides you to more effortless bookkeeping, transforms you into a receiving state and empowers you to improve your relationship with the finances of your business.

The membership will help you to feel confident to make decisions based on your numbers and what brings alignment.

It will guide you to understand what you need to do in order to achieve your dreams and the practices you can implement to manifest your desired financial future.


I know often you need some extra support, you want to get on top of everything but the thought of jumping into a membership with a bunch of people who probably know more than you is quite frankly terrifying.

When you sign up for 12 months, I am offering a free 1:1 session with me! That is an additional $550 worth of value! In this session we will review where you are up to, I will provide advice on next steps, strategy and remind you that you are right where you are meant to be.

When you sign up for 12 months, you will also get 1 month free! So in your first month you will get over $1,540 of value

This membership was created to make your life in business easier, freer, more profitable and bring greater alignment. You will always have access to ask me questions and run strategies by me. I am committed to your success. 

I am all about using your money wisely and if you aren’t getting your money’s worth out of the membership I want you to invest in what is moving you forward. I can guarantee that if you join for even just one month you will save at least the membership cost in saving time that you can redirect to client work. 

I know you’ll love the feeling being on top of your business finances and feeling open to receive brings. Click the button below and let’s get together to Make Money Beautiful!

Click the button below to join the membership!

$88 billed monthly

$968 billed annually

How does it work?
  1. Commitment: Finding your rock solid commitment to your success
  2. Get support: Allowing others in to guide you by signing up for the membership
  3. Acceptance: You are worthy of abundance and success
  4. Allow the flow: Removing resistance and allowing good things to come your way 
All you need to do is join the membership and come to class and the rest will fall into place…


You can be at any level, but you will get the most out of it if:

  1.  You have expenses to track
  2.  You want to ensure you are doing all you can to create a super successful business
  3.  You want to understand your numbers
  4.  You want to use your numbers to make excellent business decisions
  5.  You need help getting the work done
  6.  You need help understanding how it all works
  7.  You are invoicing clients
  8.  You have bank accounts to reconcile (everyone should say yes to this one!)
  9.  You are using Xero bookkeeping software 
  10.  You are ready to feel confident, empowered and in charge of your business finances!

Click the button below to join the membership!

$88 billed monthly

$968 billed annually


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Small Change, Big Impact

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