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Penny Membership

A monthly class for business owners to come together to ensure they stay on track to achieve their financial goals and have an abundant mindset that will allow financial success to occur.


Cashed Up

In this course, you will create a financial strategy for your business. It will be your road map to achieving your financial goals.
We will review your pricing, capacity to earn, breakeven points and use that information to create a forecast for the coming 12 months. You will learn how to review your number to ensure you keep on track once the course has been completed.
This course is all about teaching you the steps you need to take to achieve financial freedom, along with money mindset training that will see you believing you can!

What students say

Stephanie Menere Consulting has been so fantastic for my new business. Me not being from a business background Stephanie had her work cut out for her. I found that she has a very calm and reassuring teaching technique and I felt confident with the work I was doing in her course.

Stephanie has a broad knowledge of all software needed for bookkeeping which meant that she could help me not only with the actual book work but also navigate me through the software.
Highly recommended!

Merilyn McGrath
Stephanie is a pro and a joy to work with, having wonderful ways of handling finances and advice, at all times being correct and concise. She is super knowledgeable, open-minded, with a quick grasp of all things related to business performance and financial solutions.

Prompt, thorough and Inspirational. Stephanie has proved to be my trusted advisor time and time again. She is a perfect fit with a perfect mind – a valuable extension of my team.

Marita Corra

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